La Voix du Luxemburg

Gunnar Klum sings with outstanding accuracy of intonation and with great empathy. One would think that it is Schubert himself who now and then expresses himself by borrowing the vocal cords from a baritone who, obviously for a long time, has been pondering on the spirit and the letter of these Lieder, that he offers from depth of his soul. His voice has a rich melodious quality and the accompaniment adds still more to the sense of intimacy, restrained passion and this bittersweet nostalgia so characteristic of the mental and musical universe which was Schubert¹s. On listening to this highly recommendable CD. You are bound to conclude that the wood - the guitar -is perfectly fitting Schubert´s Lieder and that never was a trout more delicately served.

Translated from La Voix du Luxembourg, 4 Augusti 2001